Tampa Crimefest Caught On Tape.... Literally

You don't think people use VHS tapes anymore? You're wrong.

Here's the proof. Enjoy:

This guy's a little crazy to live there and then post this on the news. I feel bad for him, but I also worry about his safety.

Can someone in the Tampa area get him a Costo HD kit or something so he can at least make out some details of the people involved?

Nebraska Ave in Tampa has loooong been a street known for drugs and prostitution (before you guys get too excited, many are transvestites.... from what I hear, of course :) ever since I have lived here. Find it odd it's the sherrif's office featured here and they don't mention the Tampa police department.

In the end of the video they say he's moving in Feburary, so it'd be a little late to get him a Costco system, otherwise I'd take up a collection for him.

And then you might ask "...if there's so much crime activity, why doesn't the city consider surveillance there...?" Truth is most of the crime there tends to stay local there, and it's a poor neighborhood. So there's not much of an impetus for the city to spend money there.

Good insights, and in fairness, even if Tampa put their magical BRS Labs system there, in a week it would stop alerting, as it would find beatings normal...

Quote of the week right here!

The Hillsborough Sherriff's Office spent ~$1.5 million and installed an "Eye on Crime" overt video surveillance system in this district about three years ago with cameras near that neighborhood (see map at link). In the video below they zoom into a camera at Nebraska and 124th just about a block from this residents location. Unfortunately, it seems as if the criminals move their activity out of the range of those cameras and down the street a few blocks. That area is covered by HCSO and not TPD.

That map only shows (1) camera on Nebraska Ave and is in the nothern part of Tampa commonly called the University area, since it's near the University of South Florida. (Go Bulls!) There's another 6 miles of Nebraska Ave. south of that which contains problem areas. Issues with Nebraska Ave. are systemic due to long periods of neglect and apathy.

There have been two expansions to the Eye on Crime system since it was initially installed including LPR cameras, unfortunately I cannot find a map with those locations. I don't know if any more were installed on Nebraska. The area between Bearss, Fowler, Nebraska and Bruce B. Downs is also known as "Suitcase City" due to it's high transient population and is notorious for high crime. It's not a place I would want to live or travel through at night.