System To Manage Video Export / Distribution To 3rd Parties?

One of my customers has several video management systems (separate domains) and a lot of cameras. As these are in the public domain and stored for several weeks, they get a lot of requests from among others police / district attorney for video material in their storage. They would like to improve their control of how and to whom this material is distributed. Do any of you know of a system which helps managing stored video distribution, keeps a clear auditable record who distributed what and to whom, makes data available via a secure web download, keeps track whether it was downloaded, destroys data, etc.?

Jurgen, that's a good question and it makes a lot of sense.

I don't know of a software that specifically does that but there are a number of case / investigation management systems that might be able to used for that, i.e., you bring the video into the case management software and then you can log / track how that video is being used.

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Hi John,

Thanks, I suspected as much. I will concentrate on a separate case management tool.