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Feedback On Synology NVR Requested

Has anyone acutally used or tested the latest version of synology NVr software? im looking to possabley use this on my house and a friends house. just want to see if any one has any tips or warining about this product. all input is appriciated.

Do you already have a Synology NAS or are you looking to buy a new one? The reason I ask is that with so many competitive options available, it's hard to see why one would use Synology as an NVR unless you already have or want a Synology NAS for general storage purposes.

It's not bad as NVR NASes go, it's just that the market has matured a lot since those devices were doing well (3 or 4 years ago).

Yes, I have an older ds211 and have been very happy with its NAS performance. since I have a bit of expericane with Synology i am comfortable with them and their products.

im ultimately looking for an affordable 8 cam NVR with a broad range of suported devices ,an Iphone or adroid app and a nice looking interface.

I just tried their demo and the web interface seemed fairly rudimentary / simplistic. That said, they do support many devices and I believe they have apps. They give 1 license for free, yes? Have you tried that out?

The big negative with 8 channels is that their software is ~$45 USD per channel (which today is a lot of money).

Alternatively, you could use free or low cost VMS software on a PC (if you have a dedicated one) and then store in the NAS. See Free VMS Software Directory, Testing Super Low Cost VMS (Xeoma) and iSpy Open Source Windows VMS Tested

Would you use Synology on a large multi-store, multi-city implementation?

I am trying to persuade a potential client away from doing so, as I don't belive it is capable of handling effectivly the sheer volume of cameras.

I believe a purpose made NVR is essential in such a situation.

Do you have any feedback or experience on deploying Synology for such a scenario?

I couldn't imagine why anyone would do this unless they had already standardized on synology NASes for general IT storage. Is that the case here?

Also, roughly how many stores? 10, 100, 500?

No Way!!

Multi- Site systems should be on purpose bullt servers.

Gentec, OnSSi, Exac. Not Sailent... but thats a whole other discussion.

What do you mean by purpose built? COTS hardware or NVR appliances?

whay are you criticizing Salient? The discussion here is Synology.

Both would work but i personally prefer customized dell or hp servers. Salient in my opinion does not scale well. Thats why i mentioned it with VMSs

For stores, the choice depends on camera counts. Smaller stores with low camera counts (4 to 16) typically find it simpler and less expensive to go with appliances than sw added to cots servers.

Hi John,

The case we have is for over 100 stores across multiple cities with over 90 cameras per store.

Currently each store is set up independently, but there is a vision in bringing it all into one or more command centers.

Due to cost consideration I have been looking at a NUOO, or Intellio based solution. Exaq is also an option, but I haven't been too excited about it since the Tyco aquisition. OnSSI mentioned above could prove to be interesting.

Undisclosed, 9,000 total camera licenses? I think you should get huge discounts on any VMS software and that you should pursue this to make sure you have full enterprise management, etc. I did a short post on this: Huge Discounts On Enterprise VMS Software

There are only a handful of companies that I would consider using for this type of Job, but at the very least make sure you check references with similar sized distributed architecture projects. With projects of this size custom development is often required, especially if your doing one or multiple command and control rooms, so make sure you do all of your due dilligence in advance and you select a company that you will be comfortable working with in the long run.

Good Luck.


There are only a handful of companies that I would consider for a 9000 camera multi-site project. Using application software on COTS hardware will probably be cheaper than buying boxes provided you have experienced technicians doing the deployment. From a cost standpoint you may want to look at Aimetis because they are probablly the lowest priced product that is designed for this scale. Disclosure: our company distributes Aimetis but we are not trying to chase your deal. We just have very good experience with the company and product.

Call me paranoid but methinks #0935312 maybe the undisclosed Distributor of #3333900 and perhaps they often work hand(ful) in hand(ful)...

Yea Paranoid would be an accurate description of your self. I don't sell Aimetis, I do sell Avigilon and Genetec. Aimetis isn't in the handful of companies I would recommend, I was referring to Genetec but there was no reason for me to mention that in the post.

Chris, if you have a concern like this, email me first ( rather than through out speculation. We actively monitor such issues on our own.

My sincerest apologies, really!

Shockingly, the somewhat generic phrase "There are only a handful of companies that I would consider" has only one result in google, ever.

It seemed too much of a coincidence, not to point out that two posts in a few hours, both undisclosed, would begin the same.

Again, sorry. C

A long time client of ours (although I shouldn't call them that as they've still not made their mind up over the direction they wish to head in, and it's been 18 months or so....) emailed me just this morning with regard to the Synology RS 3614xs asking why I hadn't this type of product to their attention to be considered for their cctv applications - which are all licensed bars and clubs.

I told the truth in that I've never given them much thought.

But if I'm correct, I think it's the overall price and fees that would be the downside here - let's say for a 30 camera x 1080res x30fps x 24/7 x 30 day storage

Can anyone advise on any other downsides of this product, just so I can quickly get it out of the clients head....? Alternatively, try and convince me why I should give it any consideration at all......

(I'm a bit old fashioned and like my established products, but hey.................. I won't critise something I've not looked at)


I have been using the Synology DS412+ as a NAS. A few months ago, I attached an Arecont Vision ARE-AV5155DN16HK just to see how the interface worked. I don't recall any significant useability issues, pro or con, but I was put off by the required Java installation. The only viruses I've detected in the past 4 years were exploiting Java runtime engine, so I eventually uninstalled it and prefer to totally avoid any active Java code execution on my machines. Unfortunately, Synology choose to run active Java code on any PC that is accessing the video. All the NAS functions that I use require only direct IP access or an HTML interface.