Synology IP Camera Compatibility Page Not Working

Just started today (10/21/15). Check out the page using Brand=Hikvision and Pan Tilt Zoom=yes (All in every other field). I now see only --- for every PTZ camera.

Examples(with Firefox 41.0.2 on Win 10 Pro desktop):

Just one day ago the Hikvision PTZ camera DS-2DF7286-AEL would show PTZ it now shows---.
and the new 8MP Hikvision camera DS-2CD4A85F-IZH would show Z it now shows ---

Trouble ticket submitted to Hikvision web support today(10/21/15).

FYI, same behavior for Internet Explorer and Edge on my desktop.

Also posted this problem on the Synology Surveillance Station forum:

You see this too?

Yes, but fortunately I speak some Hikvision...

The filter is broken right now, but since they come in part number order all the PTZ's are together.

You'll know them because they start with DS-2D, the first one being DS-2DE4120-A.

Looks like Synology got the PTZ field fixed. It is working for me at least.

Yeah, except that they apparently consider motorized zoom to be a PTZ camera, which leaves most of the results not really PTZ's.

That's true. But once you know some cameras (such as the Hikvision 6MP motorized lens Bullet) are shown as Z you feel better about purchasing with use with Surveillance Statiion.


Started working last night. I find the site helpful, nice to see it back up.