Surveillance For Cottage?

I have had lot inquiries how to provide protection for a remote cottage enviroment.These sites have no power and no celluar link for most part.A fair number of customers are using these wildlife cameras ie tiny w3 etc..Most are using picture function on there cameras however there must be option out there that has these requirements... 12 volt operation,works -30C,low light capabilities and be able record and store activity(motion)and not record over possible evidence.

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Net/net wildlife cameras still look to be the most common solution here.

Gerald, do you want to use something else besides a wildlife camera or?

There are options, it just depends on how much you want to spend. The "not record over" feature will be the toughest thing. Most are setup record 1st in 1st out.

Gerald, what do you mean by 'not record over possible evidence'?

If recording on motion and the disk fills up do you want to it to stop recording altogether?

This was my thinking as well - unless you can apply a ridiculous amount of storage, or someone goes to check on it fairly regularly, eventually it's going to be one or the other.