Surveillance Video Of Teacher Grabbing Kindergarten Students Face

Bullying is a very serious problem in school districts, but what if the "bully" is a school teacher? Below is the video capturing the situation:

Here is a link to the report explaining the incident.

Apparently, the teacher got a 10 day suspension... But I feel she should be terminated post haste. What are your thoughts?

A ten day suspension....with pay. This is unacceptable. They wil expel a student for biting a pop tart into the form a "gun" but they don't do anything about this? If this was my kid I would calling/emailing every media outlet I could to get this out and get public pressure on this district.

Was this video leaked or officially released by the school? I ask because it appears to be a screen recording via a smartphone, not an official export. I am also curious about the rules or steps the school might take to stop this from being shown publicly.

I speechless over this! If I were these parents I'd be filing assault charges against the teacher and negligence against the district. Are you kidding me with this???? What sane, reasonable person - particularly one in a position of power to "protect" children (the teacher, superintendent) thinks this kind of abuse is acceptable. The fact that her punishment was essentially a 10 day vacation makes my stomach turn. TERMINATE HER is my vote!

Man, it is getting harder and harder to abuse your authority and get away with it nowadays. No wonder police and teacher's unions are fighting surveillance cameras in the workplace.

Man, it is getting harder and harder to abuse your authority and get away with it nowadays...

Always the fatalist, are we Ari? One thing I learned in that tearjerker of a thread a little bit ago was that there will always be a way to succeed, whatever your chosen mission is! You simply need to be willing to put in the 'work', and drop your entitled 'I wish I never got into bullying' attitude. Remember next time, that when one abusal door turns out to be locked, there's often a unmonitored stairwell nearby, one with intimidating reverb to boot! Never, never give up and above all, innovate!

What is crazy is this happened here in my home town of Toledo, OH. The teachers union is pretty powerful. This is a very pro-union town.

If the teachers union is in support of this teacher and defending her they should be ashamed - every member! The membership should hold their leaders responsible to speak out AGAINST any member caught in the act of abusing a student. I sent a letter to the Superintendent and I hope many of my fellow security professionals did or will do the same.