Suggestion: IPVM Should Negotiate An Agreement Between CVI, TVI And AHD Stakeholders

Gentlemen, the Analog HD marketplace has three nearly identical technologies which are nearly completely incompatible. How this came to be is another story but...

left alone this situation will likely devolve into a chaotic mess of confusion and finger pointing which will be a big pain in the ass for everyone involved.

The agreement would be to openly share technology between Techpoint (Hikvision), Nextchip (Techwin) and Dahua (Dahua) to enable each to accommodate the relatively minor differences between the three Analog HD protocols.

Basically, it would allow any of the joint technology holders to put a Magic Switch in their chipset and allow any to any connectivity.

I believe that John and staff are uniquely qualified to entreat to the bargaining table these three beefy Asian conglomerates, for their own good and the good of the industry.

IPVM is apparently sending a delegation to the Far East; this would be an excellent time to engage several of the major players in this unfolding saga and effect a positive change that would have long term effects.

Do you think such a move would be beneficial to the Analog HD market?

To the industry in general?

Not sure anyone can reason with Dahua, though I agree the overall HD analog market would benefit.

There's an alternative - 2 of the parties join up to gain an advantage on the third, e.g., Nextchip (AHD) and Techpoint (TVI) reach an agreement and put the squeeze on Dahua (CVI). I think this is more likely to happen.

Though I am flattered by your suggestion of IPVM's potential role, I don't think we can impact such an endeavor, certainly not with Dahua.

Unfortunately, I have to be negative nancy on this one. i have to sarcastically say "good luck with that". Too much hard-headedness with these manufacturers, especially with Dahua, as John stated.

You guys would know, having dealt with them personally.

In the U.S. at least, being a public company demands a certain fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders, and therefore can pressured by minority holders to fufill them to some degree.

And the Asian companies seem to be far less concerned about their market performance than the West, so... :(

P.S. "Negative Nancy", is that a OEM rebranding of "Debbie Doubter"? :)