Strip Clubs And Hdcctv Case Study

Oh Todd!

"I just took a call from a pair of CCTV technicians installing HD video surveillance equipment at a gentleman's club in New Jersey."

It's an interesting case of what goes wrong and who's to blame. See the original discussion.

I see Rocky's getting no love... can't wait for Craig to step up and offer a deeply obfuscated analysis of the whole thing.

Yeah, Marty and Carl are giving him the one - two.

The heart of the manner, even as explained by Todd is simple: "It turns out that the DVR expects 1080i60 inputs, whereas HDcctv-compliant cameras produce progressive-scan video (e.g., 720p30, 720p60, or 1080p30)."

And the reasonable counter-argument is that the techs should have been able to read the spec sheet, manual and/or bench test it without having to call the HDcctv executive director half way around the Earth.

sounds like there were distracted by the nature of the business.

^Excellent point :)

Those guys just wanted an excuse to go back for additional service calls...