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What Do You Use For Storage For 100 Cameras?

What does everyone here use for medium duty (~100 camera) storage, say for a Milestone Enterprise or Expert deployment?

We've been very happy with our Dell PowerVault MD3000-series storage.

Specifically Milestone, or anything similar?


We've been pretty satisfied with AC&NC. However beware that after the warranty period, you have to purchase support extensions to get firmware updates.

QNAP has performed very well for us to date.

On QNAP, to clarify, are you using it as storage only or with its own VMS?

We are not using their VMS. I have never tested it. I have heard you can install virtualized Milestone on their product as well which might be useful for failover, but this is not something we have looked into.

Also, I should qualify that we're recording at relatively low FPS with the majority of large camera count QNAPs we do utilize, perhaps 8 FPS on average. I/O and network capacity would be a concern if the need was for 30 FPS recording for those 100+ cameras. Multiple QNAPS or HBA storage is likely more appropriate at that point.

Also, I would keep the live database on internal storage with SAS, 15k RPM, etc.

<I work at SenecaData>


I looked at our sales logs and we have sold many (>25) of our XVault storage systems into Milestone/Onssi installs in the past 18 months. These were usually installations where a LOT of days were called out.

It is a scalable solution so if 100 cams becomes 150 cams in the problem.

If the number of days changes.... no problem.

We have deployed a seneca server for one of our customers with ~190 cameras at 7-8ips. With exeception of some early on errors, we have been satisfied with performance and support.

Just implemented a 95 camera nvr system and needed an additional 80TB of storage. The dell storage array was outrageously priced. Did some research and came across this storage array enclosure: Addonics Product: RAID Rack (RR2035RSE6G) Paired it with this to connect directly to the nvr: Addonics Product: 5X1 Internal SATA Port Multiplier (PM) For less than $1600, we built a robust storage solution enclosure. Added 20 4TB Western Digital Purple Surveillance drives and everything works perfectly.

Generally speaking, is directly attacked storage better, worse, or about the same as network storage?

Try BCD HP White box builder out of Chicago. Huge company, very price sensitive. Call Anixter.