Promise Storage & Server Applicances

Has anyone heard about promise technology storage devices??

I know they market to the video surveillance industry but it is not clear to me what their differentiators are beyond that compared to other storage offerings.

We are testing them right now. The idea is they can run Milestone ( and other VMSs but that is what we use ) on the box itself and have tested this together with Milestone for quite a good number of cameras ( 30-60-80, there is a whitepaper available on their site : performance bottllenecks ... ). Thus you can have a server which runs the VMS and stores all recordings on RAID drives .

Vlad, thanks!

So is supposed to better performance than Dell, HP, etc. or lower price or?

We hope it is a cheaper solution for medium projects. So for Express and Pro applications, where we would have looked at a Dell, HP, etc server but wouldn't need the full "Server power" but would need the server platform ( redundant Power, RAID , more drives , etc ) .They have 2 sizes : one with 6 drives and with i3 processor and one with 12 drives and E3 processor. If the optimizations they claim are real ( they even said their online calculator is based on real tests not estimations ) then it would be a reasonable offer for one server applications . And it includes drives also ,which is nice for warranty .