Status Of Johnson Controls P2000 Access Control System?

Looking to confirm / deny rumors the P2000 is going to be discontinued and motherboards no longer being made? Will they write a driver to Software House C-Cure 9000 now that the merger is about to be finalized?

I'll ask JCI and followup here when they respond.

Much appreciated Brian. Cheers.

Other people think the writing is on the wall for the sunset of the P2000...

They are offering Mercury Security now (I think they have been for about 2 years now). I think it was a good move for them, but i wonder if has helped sales of the P2000.

Robert, the short answer is yes.

A year ago, they participated in a bid of mine ($4M). They got to the finals and would have probably gotten the award (or at least second), had an administrative error not occurred. They would have not even got though the cut if they had not proposed a Mercury solution.

The P2000 has been around for years and it has a reasonable history of been a bullet proof solution. The P2000 is not the source of their problem; in my view , its more about the marketing (or lack thereof); and (at least with the system design and integrator community) the proprietary nature of the field hardware. The latter has apparently been resolved, while the former has not.

Jim: In total agreement with your comments regarding JCI using Mercury vs. their proprietary hardware solution and their lack of marketing. I'm having a difficult time imagining how the addition of the software house product line will not only serve to decrease the P2000's market share and further reduce their limited marketing resources?

Two aging independant architectures, each with many rich features I'm sure. Both looking desperately for traction inside a thermometer factory where physical security is a (hopefully interesting) side business. This should be interesting to watch. As long as you're not an existing customer ;-)