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Standalone Onvif POS / Till Scan Solution

Hi, I am looking for a standalone hardware solution that would sit independently to a standalone NVR that would overlay POS text information directly onto an Onvif IPC.

Have used XProtect Transact as a add on to Milestone but this solution is too costly for the application.

So just wondering has anyone any experience in doing POS overlay onto HD IPC's?


That's why I asked if it was analog or IP? I don't know of any boxes that print/overlay text on an IP stream. You'd basically have to decode the stream, print in on, and then re-encode, which would be expensive and likely degrade image quality.

If you are using IP, I think you need to do a metadata / database integration. This is typically constrained / defined by the VMS you are using.

John, this would be just for IP Cameras.

Cost is a pretty important factor on this one so that is why I was just looking for an overlay but if the solution offered storing of the text for indexing and text search that would be a plus but not actually needed for the current solution.

The fact it is an embedded NVR and not a PC Server running a VMS the integration possibilities with the NVR are limited. So the ideal solution is a standalone box that would just handle the POS side of it.

Analogue is pretty easy in that you can just get the inline boxes that overlay the info onto the picture and then directly into the DVR for straight recording meaning a clean PnP setup but just wondering is there a IP offering of this analogue setup?

Martin, is this for an IP or analog camera? Do you want to literally 'stamp'/write in on the video or do you want it stored as metadata? I assume it's the former but want to check.

Btw, we have a general tutorial on PoS/Surveillance integration that might be useful to those interested in this topic.