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Edge Storage Alternatives To Axis?

Hello. Can anyone tell me if there is another manufacturer other than Axis who offer a line of cameras with on-board SD storage that can run stand-alone (no VMS) which can be remotely accessed via some type of intuitive easy-to-use software similar to that of Axis Camera Companion? I know that there are several manufacturers that have on-board SD storage but they don't seem to elaborate on it's functionality, max SD card size etc. Thanks

Vincent, Mobotix has full edge storage support with free client. I am not sure it's as easy to use (at least on the client side) but that's an option.

Bosch also has full edge storage support and a free VMS client for it.

Does the client/VMS need to be free? What else are you looking for? You want low cost cameras or specific feature sets?

Hi John: Free is always good but not imperative. A large portion of my work involves temporary video installations with usually not more than six cameras on the network. I am looking for basic recording (motion)/playback functions and easy to use remote client access. In this case I am building self contained portable video stations (in NEMA enclosures) that will run on a wireless LAN. The only purpose of the network is for viewing and access to recorded video events on the SD cards. I have used ACC on several occasions but am looking to give our client another, and possibly cheaper, alternative if at all possible.

(Disclosure - I am a Bosch employee) Hi Vincent - Bosch Video Client offers a feature-rich GUI for basic & advanced user functionality. It supports live/playback of Bosch IP cameras including the ability to perform smart motion search - even IVA Forensic searches. All features are included in the free version up to 16 channels. We recently added a comprehensive online training tutorial that will help you determine if the product is the right fit for your customer. The software itself can be downloaded directly from the Bosch website.

Thanks Mike! I will check it out.

In terms of alternatives, Bosch and Mobotix are good places to start. I don't know if they are going to be cheaper as Axis has some fairly low cost cameras.

I suspect at some time in the future will see similar offerings from the budget manufacturers (like ACTi, Vivotek, Hikvision, etc.) but I don't recall any right know.

Btw, question to Dahua people: What does Dahua support like Axis / ACC?

Btw, question to Dahua people: What does Dahua support like Axis / ACC?

I haven't used ACC yet with the couple dozen Axis cameras I've installed so far, so I can't make a direct comparison... but Dahua cameras that do have onboard storage, can be accessed, searched and played back via their PSS VMS/NVR software.

I'm interested in this as well. I'm looking for a similar option. The axis solution is nice but I need an outdoor camera with ir emitters for 0 lux. They don'currently have an inexpensive day/night camera nor do they have anything outdoor with ir emitters. I can't afford the Bosch. Not sure about mobotix Cost.

Josh, earlier this month, Axis announced the M3024-LVE, which is an outdoor camera with built in IR for an MSRP of $549 (see this announcement).

I don't recall Mobotix having any cameras with built in IR.

Bosch, I believe, has two outdoor IR megapixel models in their advantage line - the dome NDN-265-PIO and the bullet NTC-265-PI, both appear to be the in the ~$500 price range.

Thanks John, I remember seeing that announcement but had for gotten when it is supposed to release. I see now its Q3 of 2013.

Now I need to decide if I'm going to wait for it or not.

If you had to pick between the Bosch dome and the soon to be released Axis which would you choose. I've always been an axis guy but I've heard great things about the video quality of Bosch. Obviously I can't expect an answer with any certainty due to the axis not even being out yet. I'd guthey are are fogging to use similar lens to the m3004.

btw the Bosch free software look good but no option to run it via a mobile device or with out a pc. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks, Josh

Hey Mike

Does Bosch make an IP bullet with remote focus and zoom as well as SD storage?

Vincent, unfortunately we do not yet offer an IP bullet with remote focus/zoom - only in a minidome. Sorry!

Josh, there is a mobile app available - iOS only, for now (Android support in the next update). You'll find it in the App Store as Bosch Video Security.