Any Proof That Spot Monitors Deter / Stop Crime?

Any one got any stats on the effectivenss of spot monitors as a crime deterrant. Excellent image quality customer facing monitors are putting off opportunistic crims.

As a CCTV sales man "It is the number 1 crime deterrant" is working really well but was wondering if anyone had a link to a report published that would back this up. Handy to have, and would give me extra confidence!

Cheers, g

Glen, unfortunately I have never heard of any such study or stats. Indeed, I think it would be hard to do.

Perhaps someone has direct experience before and after installing spot monitors at a site or chain. Let's see.

I can't speak to a study unless the LPRC (Loss Prevention Research Council) has one. I can point to the proliferation in grocery and home improvement chains that use them in high theft aisles. It seems like just about every Safeway, Von's, Kroger, Home Depot and Lowes has them up. Large chain hotels behind the counter but customer facing too!

They need to couple customer facing PVM's with face recognition, so that only suspected criminals (who had previously been tagged as such), would display on the PVM, otherwise it might show just a pleasing background image.