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Speed Bump Camera?

I would like to see what is available in the market for customer looking to record video under a moving truck/Car. A simple google search shows IC Realtime having a solution, but I was informed when I called that this product was discontinued more than 3 years ago. Anyone else have a solution?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

I know that Advanced/Security Detection includes this type of camera as part of their under vehicle inspection system:

What a great niche to be in. The least expansive system is $20k all the way up to $50k.

Sure, but how many do they sell per year? :)

Good topic / question.

I don't know of anyone but from googling it, I did not find any immediate alternatives beyond the IC Realtime one. However, perhaps they are OEMing it from someone else who still offers it?

Btw, for others, here is their marketing sample video:


There are a number of systems for UVSS (under vehicle surveillance systems). They have different features sets which vary the price.

The issue with these systems is that they take a video under the car and 'warp' it into a still image. They use an ANPR camera and link the pictures in a database and can check previous images of the same car for comparison (in case anything is added etc.)

You can try this website but this is one of the premier systems.

If you google 'under vehicle surveillance system' you will get a lot of companies. Some do in the road humps.

I have worked with these in the Middle East and one of the issues is keeping the camera lens clean due to the sand here.

Good luck!

Jonathan, thanks for the feedback and good comment about keeping the lens clean. I bet it's an issue almost everywhere as the camera is literally on the road.

I still wonder - does anyone not just sell a standalone speed bump camera without the whole vehicle inspection system?

I think one of the leaders in the market for this is a company called Comm-Port, based out of Cranbury, NJ. We at Intelligent Security Systems have solutions for LPR (License Plate Recognition), but not for UVIS (Under Vehicle Inspection Systems). They have both a speed bump version as well as a flat one for higher speeds. My integrators who need a UVIS solution generally look to Comm Port for the solution and tie in our LPR capability.

I actually used to rep this product about 6 years ago. The biggest issue with this was figuring out how to run the wires. I think the concept was great, but nobody could ever figure out how to simplify the install enough where this became a mainstream product, plus standard LPR cameras dropped in price. I believe I have a couple of these units still sitting in my basement.

I know the guys who originally made this product were out of Northern CA and I believe they were supplier for IC realtime.

Thanks Dave!

Hi Dave, Thanks! Btw, if you know the name of that original company, please share. This way, anyone who wants one, can reach out to them directly.

The biggest issue with this was figuring out how to run the wires. I think the concept was great, but nobody could ever figure out how to simplify the install enough...

How about a simple no-wire and embed-it and forget-it bump-cam, using wifi or 4G (or zigbee?), and being powered by vehicle motion collected via a piezo-electric strip, or failing that, some sort of spring or mechanical plunger. We should be able to steal generate enough energy to tramsmit a few seconds of video. End of the free ride, make the car pay its own way! You sell 'em, I'll make 'em, 50-50, deal?

Some manufacturers of UVSS have software analytics to highlight the items under the vehicle that shouldn't be there. Hence this is why they're super expensive even for the entry level models.

We used one for a courthouse project a few years back and unfortunately all of the proven products full of features were nowhere near budget.

We ended up with this product from Singapore

Matt suggested this Eaglevision speedstrip cam:

However, I spoke with them and they said they stopped making it because it had too many problems, big trucks, weather conditions, etc.