Spectra Logics As Long-Term Storage Solution...

Does anyone have any experience with Spectra Logic as a long-term video solution? I believe they do tape drives as long term storage solutions, but have little knowledge on the subject.

I emailed the head of sales at Spectra to see he could provide any reference customers in the security market. Will update if he responds.

Spectra is similar to Quantum in a broad sense. We did a report that covers Quantum: Quantum Storage Company Profile.

You are correct about the tape drives, the approach is to move data to tape for long-term storage, leveraging the lower cost per GB for tape vs. hard drives. However, there is an investment you need to make in the overall infrastructure for the tape robot, servers/software to manage moving and tracking data and so forth.

For storage solutions of less than 1PB you may not find it to offer much cost savings, once you've factored everything in.