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Spam Email From A Face Recognition Company Called HB Innovation

Here is a spam email, I received this morning, from a South Korean company that my "Junk Email" did not catch.  However, before I deleted, the email actually caught my attention as it was not from China and it was about Face Recognition.  


I thought it was funny they asked me if I wanted the Face-recognition algorithm.  I should respond back...yes, I would like this algorithm.  


From: charlie []
Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 9:18 AM
Subject: If you want to know this Face-recognition algorithm and solutions,

How are you!

My name is Charlie, whose company is in Seoul (South Korea) and we began developing a face-recognition algorithm since 2002.


Most developer considered Face-recognition inferior than other bio identifications like as fingerprint and iris.

But, we succeeded in developing better quality of Face-recognition-algorithm which can recognize twins (brothers or sisters).

Please refer to below and attached files;

In market point of view, this Face-recognition is a blue ocean, which is new, unknown and no-competitive item, we think. 

If you want to know this Face-recognition algorithm and solutions,

Let me know!

I send you all; brochures, demo program and SDK (Software Development Kit) free of charge.



charlie/ director

[Mobile] 82-10-2772-8315 [Tel] 82-70-7726-1963 [Fax] 82-2-469-1961
[Address] 2F WooHaeng Bldg, 111 Achasan-ro, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea, [133-834]

Unfortunately, I have gotten that same email multiple times. Video demo was extremely unimpressive even for spam email standards.