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Source And Recommendations For Signage

A customer is asking us to source signage for their property. You know "This location monitored by video surveillance", etc.

Anybody have a good source for that? Any recommendations?

I've seen catalogs from ULine that I think had those signs. They're probably all over the Internet.

There seems to be a ton of options on Google shopping for generic ones as well as a few stores that specialize in this:,, etc. . Is that good enough or do you want something more?

What about options for signage that includes the integrator's name?

These guys have signs on with their names on buildings everywhere in Honolulu, it's just crazy:

It's a warning sign / advertisement. Would you consider one of them?

Premade off the shelf signs are nice and everything, but if your client has anything to do with design, designers, architects or the like they may want a nicer/cleaner sign. If that is the case any sign maker will make you whatever you want out of whatever you want. Our signs cost about $300 a pop, but they passed muster with the aesthetics police so they were worth every penny!

Uline was a good source (thanks Carl Luis).

Also seems to have a lot more options, and higher quality signs (reflective paint and thick top-coatings).

We are discussing a few vinyl stickers for their windows, as well as a series of metal signs tied to their fence.

Any feedback on that? How important is the reflective paint? Does reflective paint improve visibility in ambient light, or does it only benefit when hit with headlights?

Be careful how you word your signs. Indicating that the system is actively monitored may set your client up for a law suite if something happens in view of the camera.

"Uline was a good source (thanks Carl)." Sorry, I'm not Carl. I'm the the better looking one.

"Any feedback on that? How important is the reflective paint? Does reflective paint improve visibility in ambient light, or does it only benefit when hit with headlights?"

Paint is typically 'made reflective' by adding finely ground quartz dust into the mix. Due to the irregular shape of the crystals, the overall reflectance of the paint is increased even in indirect light, not only headlights.

Now, with alll that aside: Does reflective paint make a difference is how well a sign can be seen? For a new sign, probably. However, because paint oxidizes, chalks, and generally gets dirty over time, the benefit may only last until the next rainstorm or for just a few weeks.

My favorite signage simply says "Cameras in Use" -- no inferrence of safety or security or live monitoring. Simply "in use."

I thought the idea that you could be (successfully) sued for failure to monitor cameras (or misleading signage, or having dummy cameras) was basically debunked as myth?

Because US courts widely view cameras as not stopping/preventing crime, court cases regularly rule against claims on false/surveillance failures. We discussed this extensively in the rape under a dummy camera post.

However, it could be viewed as a breach of contact if a tenant suffered damages in an area where such a sign existed. On the other hand, even in the case we found like that, the damages were trivial.

All in all, the actual legal risk seems to be low, but it's probably prudent not to significantly mislead in the sign.

We purchase our signs from Maxwell You supply the artwork they assist through the whole process...