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Crestron Integrate With Sony Camera

I'm trying to stream H.264 from this camera to a Crestron touchpanel using a embedded video control. I have tried a few get commands like URL/video and similar with no success. I can get a download stream going to my PC, but I need just the live feed URL to hit the panel. Anyone know what this address would be?

Have you tried the RTSP URL, like so: rtsp://ip_address/media/video1

The RTSP stream is: rtsp://<IPADDRESS>/media/video1

I think you can access the second and third streams with /media/video2 and /media/video3 as well.

Thanks for confirming guys. That URL plays fine in the VLC player, but not on the touch panel. Must be on the control side, but at least I know it is the right address.