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Solving Cold Cases: Police Use Facial Recognition Software To ID Suspect In Munster Business Robbery

“It doesn't prove the case, but it gives us a lead to investigate

Ladies and gentlemen - and all other subscribers:  we are in a new crime-solving dimension.

The application of FR sure looks to be on the same kind of trajectory that DNA took in the 80's.

I gotta love the unnamed detective from this story who used available evidence to solve this crime.

But I am also kinda scared about how the world will be for my young children when they get older.



Thanks for sharing this. The details here are important, the most noteworthy one is the excellent surveillance footage:

The most important part was that the camera was mounted low, real low by video surveillance standards. It cannot have been mounted more than 7 feet high and maybe lower (e.g., that's why the ballcap does not obscure the face much). Unfortunately, due to vandalism concerns, most people mount their cameras much higher.

Also, of note:

A detective then turned to the department's facial recognition software, which is licensed from Vigilant Solutions. He put a photo of the suspect from the surveillance footage into the software, and Zavala came up as a possible match.