Solution To Replace Two Analgue Cameras With IP Cameras Over A Single Coax

We currently are overseeing a project where analogue cameras are being replaced with IP cameras. The Integrator is using the Vigitron Maxicopper Vi2401A at the camera end and the Vi2416A at the switch end of each existing coax. The Integrator has discovered that on one coax run there is a VDS 2500 video splitter with two analogue cameras running over this single RG59 coax . I was wondering if anyone has used the Vigitron Vi2804 4 port switch (coax in, 4 RJ45 out) and believe it would be a good solution in this instance?

Do you know how long the current run of coax is?

Vi2804 works well long as you have qualty coax. We have used them in parking decks were the customer wanted to add addtional cameras when upgrading there analog system. If you need POE output to power the cameras I recommend the Vi2804P plus the 48V power supply.

edit: As Brian points out distance is very important.

Thanks for your comments. The current coax run would be under 150 metres.

I was under the impression PoE could be sourced from the PoE Switch the Vi2416A is connected to? At the camera end there is 24VAC available which is currently powering the two cameras so I had planned to use this to power the Vi2804P.

Power Supply

Vi2804: 12 VDC, 24 VAC or POE @ 250 mA max.

Vi2804P: 48VDC @ 1.5A min. for 802.3 af 15.4W / port

56VDC @ 2A min. for 802.3 at 25.5W / port