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Solar Cells: 20X Improvement?

While reading Micropower's 2nd generation thread I wondered to myself, why are all solar panels flat thereby limiting their voltage output proportional to the area they occupy?  The article states the solar panel is relatively small to reduce wind load and poor aesthetics I started thinking, why not shape the panels into a geometric shape that doesn't have these issues?  I Googled shaped solar panels and saw this.

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This solar cell spins and according to the manufacturer, this device captures sunlight all day, spits out 20X more than regular solar cells and solves the cooling problem it seems regular cells have. 

I wonder what this technology will cost when introduced and could you adapt it to a wireless camera?

Here's a demo video from the manufacturer, V3Solar, of it:

Also, I edited your post. You said they were claiming '20%', actually they are claiming a massive '20X' gain.

Btw, there's a lot of people criticizing, debunking or skeptical of this technology. For example, see 1, and 2.

Thanks John! Late nights...