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Software App For Both Access Control And Video Management?

I am curious to hear from other integrators on their opinion/experience with software solutions incorporating both access control and video management in the same application. I am not talking about a full blown PSIM solution (but would not rule it out if cost was reasonable)

We sell and install a single VMS solution and a single access control solution. There has not been a compelling reason to change this model, however there may soon be.

I have completed both the Video and Access Control solutions with IPVM and routinely scope solutions around these technologies, so I am not a newbee. We would want an access control solution that supports Mercury boards.

I welcome your opinions and experience.


Not an integrator but I'll answer anyway. :)

We did an analysis of this very subject for a client a few months back. At the time, the only mainstream product that we could find that appeared to be a true combination of access control and VMS was the Genetec Security Center. I believe that this product does support the Mercury hardware.

Several other brands came close, but were really more along the lines of tight integrations rather than true integrated platforms.

Ok guys, stop laughing. Red Cloud used Mercury hardware and so Avigilon should meet the criteria. Obviously I have no affiliation with Avigilon.

In all seriousness, is RedCloud / access control integrated into ACS. I thought you needed to use the RedCloud web interface for video right now? Can anyone clarify/

Limiting yourself to a Mercury based access platform essentially still leaves you with like 20 different platforms to choose between.

With that said, I think Genetec has the tightest integration between VMS and Mercury-based access out there. I think you'll find the 'VMS' aspect of those other Mercury compatible options weaker than what Genetec provides.

There's always a handful of factors that could affect things (price, end user willingness to learn the platform, actual integrated VMS features vs. EAC feature needed), but for an off-the-cuff answer, Security Center is a good fit.

NLSS 'unified' video and access with Mercury support. It's appliance based only though.

Genetec is the route to go--unified vs. integrated and a powerful VMS. Do know that the Genetec solution requires (or is it required?) SMC's for Mercury support and that they don't (didn't?) support all Mercury boards. I just noticed that Mercury is no longer listed as a supported module on the SMC data sheet or on Genetec's website. Was there a break-up???

There was a bit of a breakup (rumor is that Mercury was not expecting Genetec to make something as powerful as the SMC, with the ability to take over their other partners systems. Said partners flipped out, Mercury had to make it look like they were backing off), but everything is still available through Genetec and supported by the SMC from what I've seen (as of this week).

The newer ep1501, ep1502, and MR51e will be supported, I was told last week, when 5.3 comes out in the next couple months.

The newer ep1501, ep1502, and MR51e will be supported, I was told last week, when 5.3 comes out in the next couple months.

I believe Genetec initially released support for those Mercury boards/controllers with the SV-32 'Unified' appliance, so it is not surprising to see a broader roll out.

Good morning. Disclosure, Genetec employee.

Without getting into all the details, one of the IPVM group can do a full post later.

We did go through a brief intermission with Mercury to re-evaluate our relationship with Mercury. Through that exploration and intermission we will now be an Authentic Mercury partner, this means that all of the EP series panels or intelligent control panels will be supported. There will be options on the architecture as well that will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

As always, if you have further questions you can contact IPVM for any further clarifications.


Jason I would like to speak with you regarding integration partners