Small Mobile Nvr For A Truck

I have a client who allows employees to take a truck home, and wants to see what comes out the only (roll up) door in the back at night. The truck is on the road a lot doing service calls for plumbing. I don't need GPS, just a way to get in and out of it quick and retrieve a data card with the last few days video. I thought I might be able to install a splitter on a backup camera and use that data, but I believe I need to have motion detection in a very limited area. Otherwise the travel on the road will eat up all the storage. Suggestions for small covert with ir invited too please.


If they only need one camera, are you sure the client needs a separate NVR? Did you already rule out local storage to an SD card?

This should do it.

Seems like a dashcam would be ideal for this.

Wouldn't the vibration of the trucks movement inhibit the inner operation of a camera?

I am considering installing one on my RV and have been told that is an issue to consider.