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Small MDU Surveillance Design Suggestions

We are doing a small MDU with 8 penthouses and they have asked for 8 cameras for the ground (common) areas. They asked for a DVR for each client (penthouse) and maybe for a common one in the ground floor. They "designed" it like this so that each customer can view and search the recordings. We can certainly do what they want using splitters (distribution amps) and analog systems but I do not like the design and there is too much cabling.

I would like to change to an IP system so that we can simplify the cabling and only use one simple NVR. NVR and cameras would be on their own router and network. This is an inexpensive system using probably Dahua NVR and cameras. My problem is how to provide easy customer access in each penthouse. We will install the networks in these penthouse (I would prefer to keep all the networks simple and separate), but I would also like to give them a screen and mouse and keyboard for easy access to the NVR. Any ideas?

Have you thought about using a standard VMS with a common server/storage solution such as ONSsi, Milestone, Verint, etc? Each stakeholder/lessee can then be partitioned to see only the cameras and recorded views he needs to see on a workstation (PC or laptop) that belongs to the stakeholder/lessee. ALthough its a good idea to have a separate network for your video, it does not seem to be something that could not be supported by an existing robust network already in place.

I do not see much differnce between using a pro VMS or a small NVR for this application. The NVR can still support the users we need and all will have acccess to all cameras and the recordings. What I would like is to avoid a dedicated pc in each apartment just to access the NVR but it might be the easiest way. I would prefer something lighter.

Another idea is install a dedicated AP for CCTV in each penthouse and provide access through the app. This way though they would not have easy access to the recordings.