A member is asking about 'SkyCop'

At first glance, I get the impression that they are an integrator who is kitting off the shelf components into packages for law enforcement / city surveillance use.

Anyone with any experience with them?

The member mentioning them noted:

"I am in the city of Toledo, OH and they have been installing many cameras around the city. I am told that the cameras all have DVRs in the boxes on poles and will connect via Wireless(Ubiquiti), local fiber, or cellular point-to-point. The electrician I know installed many of them and the utility company connected power to the units. He made a comment about many problems with the wireless transmission which led me to inquire about the issues. I think a lot had to do with line of site and with interference.

The cameras in our city look to be Dahua PTZ cameras with the dual IR. From the video footage I have seen, they all look like they are SD. I doubt they are MP. The construction of the mounting solution and outdoor boxes are pretty solid. The city also has two of the mobile trailer style units. I haven't seen or interacted with the backend system to see how easy it is to use."

When I was with a police dept. we got a grant and got a SkyCop mobile surveillance trailer. made in Memphis, TN. It had LPR cameras and 2 PTZ and one fixed camera targeting the trailer. It was self contained DVR, Generator, cellular modem. The only issue was the generator, which SkyCop replaced. The dept. deploys it about 80 hours per week for over the last 2 years. I checked with the dept and they said the support and training is very good and once they worked out the generator issues, it has worked well and were pleased.

ESI is the company, here in Memphis, that manufactures the SkyCop brand. John, you are right that it is just an assembledge of off-theshelf eqipment however, the company does hold several patents on the assembly such as the unique mounting method. It's basic stuff but it's tested and works and is somewhat idiot proof. Obviously there is a huge deployment here of city surveillance using SkyCop procured through the police dept. and monitored at the MPD Real Time Crime Center. ESI sells mostly to law enforcement or municipality and a lot through GSA schedule but any integrator can apply to be a reseller I think.