Single Software For ACS, CCTV And IDS

Hi All,

My Client has ACS, CCTV , IDS and PAGA systems independently running. Now He wants to integrate all under one software using IP. Suggest an good software which can hold all these.

Honeywell and Lenel will be very costly for them.

The term people often use for what you want is PSIM, e.g., Why PSIM Will NEVER Be Popular.

The problem, since you already mentioned cost, is that PSIM systems tend to be very expensive, $100,000+ is commonplace for a PSIM integrating various systems).

One other challenge is figuring out a PSIM that supports all of the systems you currently have, as no PSIM supports even the majority of products out there. They, of course, can do custom development to add yours, but that will add even more cost.

You might want to check Prysm as they claim to be a low cost, simpler PSIM.

What kind of hardware is in place currently?

We cannot change any field devices, but we can change DVR's and Access Controllers for Readers.

The biggest point there would be whether the hardware that is installed is proprietary or not; if you have "open architecture" hardware like Mercury boards and/or ONVIF compliant cameras like an Axis then you could fairly easily utilize a PSIM like solution like Genetec Security Center, or a similar integrated solution.

If they've got a lot of proprietary hardware out there then John definitely had it right, PSIM is a hard sell budgetary wise