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Showcase California Security Contract Cancelled

Oakland was set to get a Domain Awareness Center from SAIC. The system would integrate public and private cameras, LPR, sensors and gunshot detectors that could all be monitored from a central control room. It's a $7 million project (the original contract was $2.9 million, but additional funds were allocated) and they had already started building. The public has opposed it and some public officials questioned it from the beginning over privacy issues and the company's history of making big money off of failed projects.

Then yesterday it was announced that the project would be stalled.

The reason: A little known clause from 1988 that forbids the city from doing business with companies connected to nuclear weapons manufacture. Cities sometimes have weird clauses like this in procurement documents. I've seen one that barred a city from doing business with "state sponsors of terrorism."

Oakland still wants to go ahead with the project, but now it has to find someone else to do it.

Have you seen any interesting "dealbreakers" like this when looking to bid on a project?