Should IPVM Add Favorites / Read Later / Bookmark Option?

A member asked for an option that they could flag posts allowing them to quickly go back to them later.

We've heard similar concerns about people not having enough time to read all posts right away. This could help them mark them and then go back to the list later.

My question are: If we added a favorites / read later / bookmark option to IPVM, would you use it? Do you need it at all? Or would you just use your browser bookmark functionality or a third party app (like instapaper or pocket)?


Definitely a good idea

Right now I use the "Subscribe" function as a placeholder so if someone comments it reminds me to go back and read it. If no one comments I am out of luck. I would use this option without a doubt.

I would like to see a "favorites" function. I have time to read everything but I would like to hold on to some bits to refer to at a later date.