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Should I Take A Sales Position At Avigilon?

I am being recruited for a sales management position at Avigilon and am interested in hearing the pros and cons of taking it. Anyone with info?

I know the products are strong, more concerned about the culture / expectations, etc.

We have talked with about a half dozen former Avigilon sales people.

Here are the pros:

  • Strong products, like you said
  • Growing revenue / sales
  • Good compensation

The cons include:

  • Hammered for numbers every week
  • Fears about getting your 'rolodex' and then getting rid of you
  • Splitting your territory that you worked to build and your contacts that you brought in
  • Deviation from the party line not tolerated
  • Ethical concerns with sales management (Schmode generates a ton of ill will, needs a bodyguard for protection, etc.)

It obviously depends on your personal situation and the state of your career. I think going to Avigilon is a pretty good move for someone early in the career, especially if you are stepping up from an integrator or a rep firm. On the other hand, if you are already a power player at a large manufacturer, the risks strike me as outweighing the cost.

The reality, though, is that it does not strike me that there are a ton of sales jobs to pick from right now in the industry, so I can see the appeal of going to Avigilon.

We are an integrator and we install and service Avigilon products. The company is great and the product just flat out works. I know one person in upper management well. I was a direct report to this gentleman and he was a great boss. His management style lead to my success. I do not know many people at Avigilon however I can attest to the product and this person. He is in the sales side as well so you will have dealings with him.

Good luck.

I have never been a salesman. Are the 'cons' for Avigilon tremendously different than any company?

Walking the company line, pumping sunshine, being in a hypercompetitive environment full of alpha types, and having a demanding quota seems to describe salespeople at my local car lot, too.

How is it different at another manufacturer?

It's a good question. Perhaps a comparison will help. Here's the negatives I hear about being an Axis sales person - pay is not that great, job is fairly mechanical and it favors 'gathers' rather than 'hunters'. That's mostly the opposite of the concerns at Avigilon.

Which is better depends on the personality / desires of the sales person.

But Avigilon is clearly on the higher risk / higher reward scale of the spectrum.

Btw, Avigilon says they are hiring 'hundreds of people' in 2014: