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Shaky Video From Analog Cameras Sharing A Single Cat5.?

Can anybody tell me why this video is shaking? I have two cameras that are doing the exact same thing, and I know it’s not the wind.

Both cameras are mounted right next to each other, orientated in opposite directions. The cameras are analog Pelco IS-310’s that share a single Cat5e. Each camera has one twisted pair from the cable that has a Pelco TW4001P balun on the other end. The balun then goes into an Axis M7001 Video Encoder.

To trouble shoot the issue I plugged the balun into an analog monitor and had steady video. I tried the other camera and had steady video as well. Once their converted to digital it starts shaking.

I can only assume the issue is related to the fact that both cameras are using a pair of wires from a single Cat5e cable; however, I have a similar set up with the a Pelco IS310 and a Pelco Spectra IV and haven’t had any issues.

Suggestions, ideas?

It may not be the wind, but your cameras are moving. Is there heavy equipment moving inside that building? Near a heavy truck road? Something is moving your cameras.

As long as you have the baluns wired properly, crosstalk wouldn't be my first guess on this. Verify that each balun/camera combo is using a unique wire pair. EG: make sure it's not blue/orange on camera 1, and blue-white/orange-white and camera 2 for example. Camera 1 should use both wires of the blue (or whatever color) pair, camera 2 should use a different wire pair.

I'd check line-sync settings on the Pelco cameras. I've seen them do a similar left/right shake when line sync was set to on, however it was usually a more steady shake (meaning that it was like a metronome cadence).