Seeking Independent Security Consultants For Jail And Government Complex Projects

The Lake County Board of Commissioners is seeking sealed qualifications proposals from consulting firms. The Consultant must possess the knowledge, skills, and experience to conduct a comprehensive study of integrated physical security technologies in the Lake County Jail and the Lake County Government Complex. The purpose of this study is to develop a plan that will evaluate the current condition of the Physical Security System and make recommendations to improve system performance and resilience.

A copy of the requirements for the qualifications can be obtained from the Lake County Auditor at 2293 N. Main Street, Crown Point, Indiana. The response of a consultant to the request for qualifications must be delivered to the Lake County Auditor at the aforementioned address no later than noon (CST) on Tuesday, October 02, 2018 in a sealed envelope marked "Seeking Consultants Proposal."

The deadline for submission of questions regarding the Request for Qualifications is Tuesday, September 18, 2018 at noon (CST). Subsequent to the receipt of all responses, the Commissioners will evaluate and notify a short list of firms that will subsequently be interviewed. The date for this activity is to be determined as well as the date that the Commissioners will award the contract. The Commissioners' goal is to have the Consultant under contract prior to January 01, 2019.

Project Background

The Lake County Government Center is located at 2293 N. Main Street in Crown Point, Indiana. The complex consists of four connected buildings which house the offices of elected officials, the courts, the county jail, the administrative offices of county government, and the consolidated emergency dispatch center. The building is a multilevel structure constructed of both hollow, load-bearing masonry block walls clad with a brick facade and large sections of steel-frame and sealed insulated glass construction. There are five public entrances and multiple employee service entrances, all of which are equipped with HID access readers, connected to a Hirsch Velocity electronic access control platform. Loading docks are equipped with steel, overhead doors outfitted with mechanical locks. The building is normally open to the public from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm on weekdays, although the public is granted access at other times for pre-scheduled events. The Government Center supports all aspects of county government and emergency services.

The Lake County Sheriff operates the county jail, a 1050 bed facility which includes a medical ward and mental health services. Approximate annual bookings total 16,000 and the average daily population is 829 inmates. Jail doors consist of mechanical sliders controlled by a Convergint Integrator system with accompanying intercom, video surveillance, and push-button command center consoles. Several doors are outfitted with HID access control readers connected to the Hirsch Velocity System, which is integrated with the Convergint Integrator System in the jail.

The Hirsch Velocity System controls over 200 doors.

The Convergint Integrator System operates 70 doors with integrated intercoms and approximately 430 analog cameras.

Scope of Services

Consultant shall deliver a comprehensive report that, at a minimum, provides an evaluation of, and recommended improvements to the Physical Security System at the Lake County Government Center and each of its interconnected buildings, including the Lake County Jail. The report, at a minimum, shall include:

A comprehensive evaluation of the Hirsch Velocity System and its component parts, including but not limited to:

Electronic Access Control Readers;

Door Controllers;




Client Workstations; and

Related Hardware.

A comprehensive evaluation of the Convergint Integrator System and its component parts, including but not limited to:

Intercom Buttons;


Programmable Logic Controllers;



Client Workstations including Touch Screen Monitors; and

Related Hardware.

A comprehensive evaluation of the Video Surveillance System and its component parts, including but not limited to:



Video Management System; and

Storage Media.

A comprehensive review of existing service contracts, including but not limited to:

Services guaranteed;

Actual services provided; and


A rough draft of the report of final recommendations for system improvement, which may include software upgrades, hardware upgrades, complete system replacement, or other recommendations after considering:

Age and condition of the existing equipment;

The life cycle of existing equipment;

Compliance with all applicable standards, codes, and best practices; and


After comments have been returned by the Board, the report should be finalized and one bound copy and one electronic copy should be submitted.

A PowerPoint presentation to the Board.

An executive summary that is suitable for public distribution.

If anyone is interested in receiving a copy of the full RFQ, please email me at

Best regards,


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