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Security System Site Survey Tool

Does anyone know of a licenseable security site survey tool that my organization can purchase? I need to be able to customize forms and generate reports. Some of the desired features would be:

  • Ability to select technology template (I.E. Access control, Intrusion, Video, Perimeter Protection, Etc.)
  • In video option ability to save existing video fields of view to the record.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

No but if you find one, I'd be interested in looking at it. Keep us posted.

try JVSG ( . Cheap, Easy Simple. FOV/DOV and 3D real simulation. Generates complete pdf reports with all info and you can exportto Excel or any applications.

No Wires, no access control...

Every time I use it during demo and training , people say 'outch ' that 's fwhat I need for my project.