Security Imager Sales Expected To More Than Triple By 2020

according to a report from IC Insights.

After the automotive segment, the highest growth rates for CMOS image sensor sales in the next five years are expected to be in security and surveillance (a CAGR of 36% to $912 million), medical/scientific applications (a CAGR of 34% to $867 million), toys/video games (a CAGR of 32% to $274 million), and industrial systems (a CAGR of 18% to $897 million), according to the 360-page 2016 O-S-D Report, which contains a detailed five-year forecast of sales, unit shipments, and average selling prices (ASPs)...

I believe they are actually estimating revenue to increase by 4.5x.

2015 - 2% of 10 billion = ~200 million

2020 - 6% of 15 billion = ~900 million

This does not make any sense to me. Certainly unit sales will not go up 4.5x in 5 years. Perhaps they are assuming that the average sales price for security sensors will go up substantially? I do not know.

I wonder how accurate it is as it doesn't really mention anything about multi-imager applications even though Apple, Huawei and LG have all announced new dual sensor phones and companies like are starting to build products that literally use 16 sensors per camera. Seems like if every major smartphone (and drone) company continues to introduce new high end imaging platforms with at least two imagers, the growth in sales is being a bit underestimated.

Am I the only one who caught the "Optical mouses"?

No one is as Dillagent a reader as you are. ;)