Security Guards That Go Above And Beyond?

With all this talk of using robotics and cameras to cut costs of using security guards, let me ask you, how many of those systems could save a baby? Below is a video clip from an airport showing a father and a baby, with the father briefly setting the child down on a table, and as the baby falls off the table, a security guard dives from off camera and saves the child.

Not questioning the carelessness of the father, I think this guard deserves a raise. Allow me to ask, what stories or events have you witnessed or read where security guards go the extra mile to help others? Is this an isolated case of selflessness and heroism, or does there exist other guards with this amount of audacity?

If that was a TSA employee, he probably would grimace at being labeled a security guard!

"Is this an isolated case of selflessness and heroism, or does there exist other guards with this amount of audacity?"

Security Guard in Irving Texas Saves Police Officer

Campus security guard saves 1-year-old boy's life


Security Guard Saves Man From Suicide Attempt

Back to life Emerson security guard saves tot

OPRF security guard saves administrator

HEB security guard rescues baby in hot car

Alameda Harbor Bay Isle security guard saves kite boarder

In most all these stories, the security guard just happened to be there - and I think these kinds of things happen with some frequency - but not just to security guards. For some reason, when hot dog cart owners or accountants perform heroics, stories don't lead with their respective professions like they always do when the person is a 'security guard' or 'prostitute' (or others).

That said, I don't subscribe to the belief that one should employ security guards over robots just because there may be non-job related heroic acts which need to be performed.

Robots can save lives too:

That's awesome!

Pretty soon we'll be able recast the stereotype of 'lifeguard' as a buff and bronzed beach bum who risks his life for others diving into the unknown into that of a balding mid-aged couch potato with a joystick.