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Searching IPVM Discussions

Hi, How does one search this forum using keywords? And is there a way to look back at topics I started or participated in?

Thanks! -Ron

Hi Ron, Our general site search (found in the upper right corner of every page) searches every discussion and every comment in it (this is actually new).

In the next month, we are going to add filters to just search the forum (excluding our articles). Also, we are planning to provide a summary list of all posts one has made.

Sounds very good. Thanks for the good work.


Btw, forum search is now implemented, actually I found this discussion by using it ;)

You can search the forums two ways:

On the forum main page (i.e,, there is a search box in between the pagination and the sections filter). Additionally, when you do a general search (from the box on the upper right hand corner of every page), you can filter the results to only show discussions.

Perfect! Thanks John ...

Also, we just checked in autocompletion for the search box in the upper right hand corner :)