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Schlage Lockset AD Series

The big three lock manufactures (IR, Assa Abloy, Stanley/Best) are making a line of wireless Grade 1 locksets. I am interested in a WiFi version of the IR lock, which they presently do not offer. That said, I have been told that WiFi locsets are being planned. Can anyone out there confirm this?

I can confirm that WiFi locksets are available in limited availability (from Assa Abloy, not sure about IR, but one would assume they would be working on one). We have multiple projects in planning with them right now.

I have contacted IR about this question, but they have already forewarned everyone that future Schlage releases are pending the smooth spinoff into Allegion:

Brian. Yes i got that impression as well. My delima involves the need to make an immediate decision whether or not to go with Assa Abloy or the AD lock. Rumor has it that IR is working on a WiFi version of the AD lock (which is the client's present standard).

Sean. What do you mean by "Limited availability"? Assa Abloy has been selling their WiFi for some time now (i first got the presentation about 1.5 years ago). Are you aware of some issues with AA's Wi Fi lock? Your point about Allegion in a good one. I sensed a little anxiety during my discussions on the show floor, but i need to get a warm fuzy about the progress of the product development. If i cannot get something in writting from them, i got about 1000 locksets i need to put a hold on.