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Sanyo Cameras Need Support

I have an array of IP cameras but non so cantankerous as the Sanyo. I have VCC-HD2300, 3300 and 4000. I can get into most of the 2300s via the web interface, but am not having much luck accessing the 3300s and 4000s. I usually get just so far into the web interface, then the screen goes blank except for the message: "THE UNIT IS DISCONNECTED!" I know that it isn't disconnected because I can see it through my NetGuard EVS software. I need to troubleshoot some camera issues that I can only do inside the camera.

Can someone tell me what could be the problem and how to overcome it?

Sanyo CCTV cameras are discontinued and the division is shut down, so support is not simple.

Let me pass this to a few contacts and say if they can help.


I would like to add that my alternative is to go to each switch where cameras are located with a crossover cable which I think would get me into the camera, but it would be time-consuming.

If you can get to the camera with a crossover cable but not remotely then the issue is the network and not the camera, that said I dont think thats your problem as if you can stream video then your network is fine so going to the camere wont help.

Seems as though the webserver in the camera is locking up, can you change the stream settings from within your VMS system? If so set the stream to a really low res using mjpeg..... now can you access the web browser? The CPU load on the camera will be lower with lower stream settings/less encoding so you may find it starts wotking, I've seen this in the past with Lumerera cameras.

Telnet might be another option but I dont know if the cameras support it, this is normally more reilable than the web interface as its a layer lower and doesnt need the onboard webserver running to work. Ive also seen cameras that will work fine for a while after a reboot then a few days later stop again, or seem to work but the settings never apply. Might be worth rebooting one to see what heppens.


I should add that the reason for the high CPU on the Lumenera units was extreamly high temp +60 C, when running at lower ambient levels they were fine.


I was told that 888-66-SANYO should still be supported by Panasonic. Is that not the case?

Thanks, Ari! That helps. I just called, and the line is still active. I got put on hold and hung up after five minutes as I didn't have the time to wait but that looks like a good option!

No problem.

Not only does the former rep for Sanyo still answer my Sanyo related questions nearly 2 years after Sanyo fired him (and all their other reps), he does so on a Sunday.

Fred Phillips from BKA in case any manufacturers are looking for a good rep in the Northeast.

Perhaps he's Orthodox ;)

BTW, Ari thanks for your response regarding rs485 cable term/length, I made my own cable like yours and its working like a charm. I was the Undisclosed Loser OP...


No problem. I have to do something to prove I'm not just another surveillance website know nothing salesman type...