Should I Go To Work For Samsung Security?

I'm doing some for a friend. With the buyout and the changes, how stable is Samsung-Techwin today? Does anyone know the scuttlebutt on the future of the company? I know they are releasing new product, so that's a good thing. How worried would you be if you worked there, or if you were offered a position?

It depends where your 'friend' is in their career. If they currently work for a small integrator or manufacturer or do not have much experience, Samsung is certainly a good place to go, if simply because their powerful brand provides personal 'validation' (i.e., even if you were only there for a year, you can still say you are ex-Samsung).

The more experience, the better current position one has, the more difficult the decision becomes.

As for the future, the company position is nothing is going to change, unless things get even better. The outflow of a number of respected people from Samsung (USA) over the past year tends to signal otherwise. Also, the fact that Hanwha is a far less respected / powerful organization is another.

That said, the industry is in flux right now, so there is risk with most any company (even big ones).

Are you speaking about Samsung Techwin USA, or true blue Samsung Techwin Korea?

What position?

In Korea, the competition is fierce for a Samsung Job. Because it is quite prestigious. In fact that is the cause for the current labor actions attempting to derail the Hanwha acquisition. Even though the employees are guaranteed no layoffs in the near future and are set to get a 4 month lump sum payment when deal closes, they would kill the deal.

And over there you have to have a good SAT score, that is the Samsung Aptitude Test: