Samsung SRN-873 & SNV-6013N Kit - Questions, Concerns

I am hoping to help someone else avoid the frustrations and issues i am currently having with this Samsung product. I understand you get what you pay for but this is a bust. I bought this NVR and IP dome cameras from ADI instead of a internet store and i have a message into my sales rep as well.

  • I have 2 of the NVR's (for 2 different locations) and they both produce a noticeable lag (waving hand in front of camera is delayed). This is not present when viewing the camera by itself.
  • The IP camera runs hot - 103F on the backside of the dome camera. Is this normal?
  • The iPolis mobile app is frustrating - the app squeezes images sometimes and i can't add an second device (or location). Something is making the appearance of the camera showing on the screen slow. Especially when moving to the second set of 4 cameras. I haven't even tried reviewing the recorded events.
  • The app shows the images, but it cannot handle higher FPS.

If anybody can share any information or confirm the above it would be appreciated. I will update if anything changes.


Sorry that you have experienced these issues. I would like to assist.

1) When viewing on the monitor from the NVR, is there a delay there? Try with one camera full screen.

2) Yes, the camera does run hot - the bottom case is part of the heat sync mechanism of the WiseNet III SoC. This is normal for the WN3 dome cameras.

3) To add a second camera, go to Setup tab > Device List. Now, to add another device, click the menu button on your device. Older Androids have a dedicated menu hardware button. Some newer androids don't have a menu button. Press and hold the multi-task button. Some even newer devices have a floating 3-dots button that access the menu. Then click Add, and enter the info.

Regarding the image/aspect ratio, check the following setting in the NVR, as the NVR can use a separate profile for live network viewing, which may be at a different resolution.

Regarding the frame rate, let me know what resolution and frame rate you are getting, and we can go from there...

Please feel free to contact me on or off board.

Aaron Saks

Samsung Techwin

Technical Manager - Business Development

The IP camera runs hot - 103F on the backside of the dome camera. Is this normal?

Maybe a little cool. Here's my SNB-5004 in an air-conditioned room:

Thanks Aaron. Our ADI rep has provided a tech support number that we are trying this morning. I do appreciate your insight on the temp and adding another device.

Und 1.

Might I add that's a nice image and perfect use for that tool!

Greg - FLIR employee