Help With Video Analytics And Face Detection On Samsung Camera

I'm a Newby, setting up residential house surveillance system DYI. I use Samsung IP camera SNO-6084R and have a few questions.

I have the latest firmware installed. Camera is mounted about 9’ off the ground on angle, looking down on the driveway. Zoomed out for widest view.

  1. Motion Detection. Camera consistently triggers motion detection when it automatically switches from Day color to Night B/W mode and vice versa. It does it even on the lowest sensitivity. Light changes on the scene are highlighted during this transition as if motion detected. All settings in Day/Night section are default.
  2. False alarms in motion detection. All night recording triggers from bugs, spider web over the lens. I guess bugs attracted buy the IR light. How do you deal with those? I have least sensitive setting set.
  3. Video Analytics is not working for me no matter what. I played with sensitivity, mode (passing, appearing etc.) It just does not trigger. I have non detection area (blue) defined to monitor only close proximity to the house.
  4. Face Detection is useless. Often it decides that wheels on my car look like faces .
  5. Does it makes sense to install dedicated PIR/MW motion sensor like Bosch OD-850 and connect it to the Alarm-in on camera to minimize false alarms? Just want to raise WAF as it's pretty low right now.

Any other experience, setup advice you can share is appreciated. ( Like profiles you are setting for recording, monitoring etc) .

I want to set my expectations right as I have not much to compare to. I wander if I paid double for the Axis or Sony with the same features I would be free or less of those issues.


Edward, you are looking to use some of the hardest / most advanced features of any camera, whether it would be Samsung, Sony or Axis. Unfortunately, in general, a lot of those features are not terribly robust and many users avoid even using them because of those limitations.

I am going to let Ethan comment on the specific technical points, as he has more recent hand on experience with that Samsung line.

*I work for Samsung Techwin*

1) Please make sure that you are on the latest firmware, which is 3.01 for that camera. If you look at the firmware notes included with the firmware one of the improvements is:

  • Add 'MD event blocking function' during switching over to Day mode or Night mode
  • Improve area setting and performance of IV, MD, FD

2 & 3) For motion detection, you can specify a minimum and maximum size. Try experimenting to have the minimum size box block out small movements - trees in the wind, etc... Make sure the maximum size is not too big either... You can use EITHER detection zones, or non-detection (masking) zones to specify where you want motion to be detected. If you want to detect close to the house, set it to detection area, and draw the box covering the area near the house.

3) For analytics to work, make sure the mode is set to VA or VA/MD. Make sure it is set to On or enabled. Then, make sure the size, sensitivity, and area are correctly set. The analytics also use these same settings as MD. Then, draw your passing line, etc... I recommend turning ON the detection result overlay and analytics rule overlay while configuring and testing. Once it is working,then you can turn off.

I believe that the analytics zones MUST be inside of the MD detection zones, OR NOT inside the non-detection zones.

Here is a video I created, walking you through setting up the passing analytic. The firmware has changed a little since I recorded the video, so the menus may be a little different, but nothing of any consequence.

4) Face detection really depends on how wide the scene is vs. how big the face is. You can adjut the sensitivity and specify a detection/non-detection area. There are definately some shapes that the camera thinks are faces... If this occurs too often, change the sensitivity so it is not too high. I have had success getting FD to work:

A PIR can certainly be used and connected to the alarm input of the camera.

For profiles, I recommend creating a 720p profile for use with our mobile app. The default mobile provided is ancient - MJPEG, 320x240, 3ips... Just delete or edit that profile. If you record to SD card (That camera has a 4Gb card built in), I like to create its own profile, so nothing conflicts... I like to set the entropy encoding to CABAC, and set the GOV (I-frame interval) usually to 2x the frame rate.

I hope this helps, and let me know if I can be of any other assistance.

Thanks, Aaron. I embedded those videos.

Edward, let us know how this helps.

John, thanks, I'm adjusting my expectations accordingly. I'm using Synology Surveillance Station on NAS and will try to use their MD/VA. I wanted to offload this feature to Camera CPU's. If not - than will take PIR route.


Thank you for your very detailed reply.

I do have 3.01_140804 firmware. I could not find control for MD blocking - is it an automatic feature? It does not work for me. I tried to play with Duration setting in Day/Night but still no luck. I have a backup AVI if you are interested to see it. I don't mind to allow external access to the camera to have this researched.

I will experiment more with VA and MD on camera some more and will report here.

How people deal with bugs triggering MD? I would assume that it would be possible to detect bright IR object moving at night and programmatically block it from MD.

In terms of various settings - what is your recommendation for Image Preset in my setup? It is in “Definition focus” now. If I switch to Motion focus- it degrades the night vision significantly. Could this be part of my issue with MD/VA?

Exposure settings, back light, WB etc.? In profile – what are you recommending for compression, Max bit rate? Camera is on the managed 1 GB POE switch connected to 1 GB FIOS router. Planning Total 3 cameras.

Feature scheduling would benefit greatly if it allow to have different settings for Day and Night not just specific time if the day.

I’m sorry for the long post. I read tons of information on this great resource but still have more questions than answers.

Let's take this offline so it doesn't get too long.

aaron.saks @

The image preset preconfigures certain settings. I personally prefer user preset, as it allows me full access to all of the settings instead of preseting them and disabling my access.

Make sure the minimum shutter is set to 1/30 so you don't get motion bluring from the default 1/5. I recommend SSDR = wide, backlight = WDR.

For the FullHD profile, I like to set the bitrate to 2048. If the frame rate is reduced, you may be able to lower it even more. VBR is the way to go. It often will be nice and low. I like to use the ipolis device manager > 1ch live viewer to view real time stats and the i-frame spikes to optomize it. Default compression level should be fine.

The MD blocking is automatic - no setting for it.

Contact me off board and we can discuss remote access, etc...