Samsung 256GB Microsd Card Announced

Samsung just announced a 256GB MicroSD card for ~$250.

Will be curious to see if cameras that support MicroSD will recognize this card, some list 64GB or 128GB as the max supported.

shouldnt be to hard to make that happen if it has not already. its just a firmware update at worst.

I found that some cameras even though they say 32GB max they often support 64GB just fine. so it comes down to the firmware

on another thought some of the cameras out there support 2 slots now...

half a terabyte in a camera would render most NVR's obsolete if the camera had all the brains in it run stand alone....

Maybe this is somewhat like the way motherboards for PCs used to be marketed. They used to list the maximum storage sizes supported by the integrated hard drive controllers. For instance, they would say; Supports up to 250GB hard drives, which were the largest available at the time of writing the specs. Then the 500GB arrives and it works too.

That would be my bet. For many filesystems it seems like they were either stuck at a 2GB limit, or virtually unlimited. If a camera can handle 128GB, then I would think a firmware update at most (as Eddie mentioned) would be all that is needed.