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Salto Access Sytems - To Use Or Not To Use, That Is The Question...

I have a corporate customer interested in rolling out the Salto Access System. I'd appreciate any feedback from members who've had experience with Salto. Thanks

We have approached Salto on several times to gather information/pricing on their offerings, but it has always culminated in a response describing the newness of entry in the US market to mean they are unsure of certain details: pricing, distribution, technical support, warranty service, etc.

The company is large in Europe, and they always seem to have a big booth at the US tradeshows, but they still seem in the middle of expanding into the US domestic market.

If anyone has first hand experience, I'm very interested in speaking with you. I'll also take the step to ping our contacts to see where things stand.


We have many installs in common with Salto (our access control platform is integrated with them) and the end-user experience, from my knowledge, is very positive.

i had a hard time understanding the guy I was meeting with at ISC West but Salto did write out our office location address by hand On the card i received from them. They had some deal with Brivo but we haven't had anytime to play with their stuff. It did look impressive for their wireless locks at the show.

Dear All,

I would just like to introduce myself and put myself at your disposal for whatever you need.

My name is Marc Handels, Co-founder and Chief Marketing & Sales Officer at Salto HQ in Spain.

You can reach me at:

Best regards,


So a company co- founder introduces himself in a thread and it just stops?

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