Recommendations For Salt Spray/Corrosion Resistant Enclosure?

I am looking for a sealed salt water proof, dome enclosure with external fixing lugs rated to IP68 in stainless steel or composite material, any ideas of manufacturer or supplier/distributor would be appreciated.

what we have found so far is explosion proof just a tad OTT (over the top)

Here is a is a list of dome cameras with a rating of IP68:

Hi John, I tried the finder but could not find an external sealed enclosure for the weather other than this one

but i will need a 2MP camera but thank your for you help and assistance

Jim morrice

Are you needing something submersible in salt water, or corrosion resistant in salty air?

salt spray and salty air

Videolarm should have various nitrogen pressurized enclosures based on camera you are going to use.

we do not require PTZ just fixed camera lens the units I looked at was in stainless steel with fixing lugs

Dotworkz can do it.

Hello Jim

Videotec offers a full line up of IP68 (submersible) and IP69 (high pressure, high temperature spray downs) stainless steel enclosures.

Gianni Viero

Videotec Security, Inc