S2 Using A Schlage Hand Key II

Does anyone have any experience using an S2 access control system with a Schlage Hand Key II that has a built in iClass reader?

I have the Hand Key setup and I can enroll users, I also can get a credebtial present "beep" off of the internal iClass reader inside of the Hand Key, but I cannot get the S2 to recognize the Wiregand output of the Hand Key.


Simple question: Is the Hand Key II set up to send a card only if a valid print verifies the cardholder?

We have reached out to S2 for input here. I'll update when they respond.

S2 responded with this:

"Assuming the Wiegand data that is being sent to the S2 system is less than 128 bits, there is no reason it would not work.

Followup questions would revolve around "what is the data they are getting, if any".

That information would lead to a connection/delivery issue or a format definition receiving issue. I expect pointing the client to S2 Support would get their issue resolved quickly.

Let us know how else we can help.