Robust, High-Uptime, High-Reliability, Low-To-Moderate Throughput Wireless Solutions?

So, I realize right off the bat that I've probably made everyone laugh with my list of requirements for this solution, but I figure it's actually worth a shot to ask.

Without going into too much detail, here is what I'm looking for:

I have a client with an "industrial" type site -- very spread out with a total fenceline measured in miles. Expectation is not necessarily to monitor the entire perimeter, but rather to capture certain hot spots such as intersections, gates, etc. There is a high-possibility of interference due to the nature of the site, which will hopefully be discovered here soon upon further investigation. Typical distances for each point-to-point can range anywhere from as little as 150' to up to 3000'. Direct line of sight will not be a problem.

Most likely looking at single camera deployments at each location, which will almost for sure necessitate a point-to-point relationship. Power will obviously be available at the camera location, and the assumption for now is that all signals will be received at a location with LAN connectivity. Targeting the highest resolution possible, but likely in the 2MP/1080p range. High framerates will be required due to roads and intersections, which will increase throughput requirements.

Based upon research, I am planning to utilize either an Axis Zipstream camera (eg P-1365-E) or a Bosch NBN-932V due to lower bandwidth capabilities, although this may be negated somewhat due to the high framerate requirements.

Obviously there is probably not a wireless solution on the planet that will provide 100% uptime. But, we are looking for something as close as we can get. I'm not saying that money is no object, but the money is not as important as getting a product that will work.

Thoughts? Recommendations? Additional questions for clarification?

Appreciate all of your help in advance!

Definitely have a look at Ruckus Wireless products. They have great reputation for performance in environments with interference. They are very very reliable & robust. Very little support required & no restart needed every few weeks to fix wireless hangs.

Fluidmesh. Cost is a sliding scale based on throughput. Yes, I used to work there.

Why have they ruled out running fiber or similar? It seems they have power, which implies ability to get infrastructure to the camera locations.

Have you done a wireless survey of the area? It sounds like the kind of location where you are not likely to have any problems with existing wireless networks, but worth checking in advance.

This may be a scenario where it is worthwhile to engage a premium wireless product, one where the company can send engineers out to work with you on the design/setup, and deal with any issues that crop up along the way.

To all that have responded so far -- thank you.

Brian, as mentioned above, the cameras would be located in very disparate locations that would make it exceedingly expensive to run fiber. When I say that money is no object, that's in reference to the wireless side of things -- the cost to install fiber to some of these locations would be in the tens of thousands per camera I'm guessing. Plus, in some areas, there are hurdles that would just make it next to impossible altogether.

We have not done a wireless survey at this point. That will be the next step. When I referred to interference, i was specifically referring to wireless/RF interference, as I could see it being a possibility.

You suggest engaging on a premium wireless product -- and that was the primary reason for asking the question here. I do have full intention of engaging a manufacturer for a survey and engineering assistance, but I was hoping for everyone's perspective on the best wireless solution to use and who I should engage. This is not an area that I have done much work, primarily because I have patently refused to do it up to now. :)

Thank you all for your help!

Do you mean 'interference' in the sense of malicious tampering or RF impairment?