Resolution Problem In Monitor In Split Screen Mode

Hi. I have connected an LG monitor to the samsung SRN 873S NVR that supports 8 MP resolution and an 8 MP camera is connected to the NVR . When i am viewing the camera in the LG monitor in full screen mode i am able to view the camera. But when i change the view to the split screen mode i am unable to view the camera ? its showing as HD . why is it so ? is it the resolution problem of the monitor ?

If a monitor supports 8 MP resolution and if i split the screen in to 4 parts. Is it anything like that each split screen will support only 2 MP resolution ??

When you change to "split screen" are you unable to view the camera at all, or just in HD?

What resolution is the sub stream of the camera? That would typically be the stream displayed in a quad.

I am unable to view the camera in split screen .

Have you enable a secondary stream at a lower resolution from the camera?

Yes. For a lower resolution at 2 MP. Its working fine both in the split screen mode and Full Screen view