Remote Backup

There are 2 Dahua NVR(s) model 4432 at a local site and remote at a remote site doing the same recording of 16 IPC 720P.

Due to power issues at the remote site, there is a down time in the network link for almost 3-4 hours a day which leads for the remote NVR to miss some recordings.

Is there any option for the remote NVR to resume backing up first all the missed recordings and then proceed further or can we use a PC with a FTP server at a remote instead of a NVR.?


I may not understand the issue, but is something preventing you from using backup power at the remote sites to keep <local> recording up?

Well, It's not only power issues, also the radio link fails due to interferences and other reasons.

Plus the client doesn't want to spend much on the power solutions.

Therer's a UPS which only lasts for few minutes.