Recommended Search Analytics Products?

Are there recommendations on which Search Analytics products (for both people and objects) are rated the best to work with large VMSes such as Genetec, particularly in the transportation sector? Including searching across footage for 100+ cameras. What are the pros and cons of the leading products? Briefcam and Ipsotek are two candidates that have been recommended.

We have not tested search analytics (mainly because its a niche of a niche), so I can't comment on their performance.

As a general point, you should consider how deeply those search analytics work with a particular VMS. For instance, 3VR is optimized for search (how much, one can debate) but 3VR would work poorly with Genetec because it's completely separate.

I am assuming you'll want maximize integration between the VMS and search analytics or else it will be a real usability problem. So, to start, I'd check with your VMS (Genetec, etc.) and see what and how much they integrate with.

Btw, from what I know of Ipsotek and their website, Ipsotek positions itself as much more a traditional alerting / scenario based analytic while Briefcam is much more of a search solution (no alerting).

Agent Vi has an analytics based video search product.

The product is integrated with Genetec VMS and supports searching through a very large number of cameras. You can search for people, vehicles and objects.

You can find further details in Agent Vi web site.