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Recommendations For 10 Port PoE Switch.

Would love some recommendations for a hardy, good quality (but not crazy expensive) 10 port PoE switch.


-Need at least one Gigabit port for link to main Cisco switch @ VMS location.

-Why 10 ports? Switch will serve 8 cameras & would like a couple extra ports just in case.

-Why hardy? It will be in a hanger-style outbuilding that has limited heating so 0 degrees is a possibility. Although, it will be housed in a cabinet, so it's own generated heat might be enough.

-Does a switch this small need to be managed?


I've never seen anything 10 ports. EtherWAN has some 16 port models which may fit what you're looking for. The GarrettCom 6K family is modular and you could load it with whatever ports you need.

As for whether it needs to be managed, people will likely disagree with me but generally I say no at that size. If it's on its own network and you don't require VLANs or SNMP monitoring, that sort of thing, you're going to see very limited benefit to a managed switch. Maybe the ability to restart PoE to reboot a camera would be handy?

Ethan mentions Garrettcom, which I have utilized in the past and they are quite good (and owned by Belden now I believe). Another option I have been reviewing is Comnet but it is untested by us at this point. On paper their managed switches and management software looks good.

Do you need POE+?

I rarely deploy unmanaged switches, no matter the port count but YMMV. We sometimes need to drop power to individual ports, setup VLANs, use 802.1x, or permanently shut down unused ports manually. If you do not have those needs then management isn't particularly relevant.

There are some that sounding good like this

10-Port PoE Gigabit WebSmart Switch, including 2 Gigabit Combo BASE-T/SFP


Though their finest print says only octet (8) are POE, the other duo (2) are combos: SFP fibrous/Gigabit over strung copper.

But maybe this unit shall be ripe for your choosing anyway,since you say one port must be gig-up and go to VMS.  And if much more expanding needed then you probable need another switcher, which would then ocpuppy other no-power port?

Thanks for the suggestions. It appears that all the 10 port PoE switches are a bit misleading since there is really only 8 PoE ports with 2 Gigabit non-PoE ports. What I did find for not much more money are 24 port switches with 12 PoE ports, like these two models:


Cisco SF200-24P Switch

Just to round-off this discussion, I ended up getting this model: Netgear M4100-26G-POE

It's way more than I need, but because of a Black Friday deal, I ended up getting it for a couple hundred bucks which suited the budget just fine.

For about $400 MSRP you could get a Ubiquiti Edge Switch 24 port PoE+

For under $200 MSRP you could get a Ubiquiti Tough Switch Pro 8 port PoE